MAXNET s.r.o.

Residence: časť Lukavica 19, 966 81 Žarnovica
Postal address: P.O. BOX 62, 966 81 Žarnovica, Slovakia
Phone/Fax: + 421 45 6813069, E-mail:
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Our commercial name is MAXNET, our legal form is  company limited (Ltd.) and we have been formed in 1997. Our headquarters are located in the town of Žarnovica in the Slovak Republic.

Our activities are relatively broad. We fabricate and we provide commercial service and consulting..

open window with an enlarged photoWe focus on the fabrication of various components and weldments made practically of all types of steel. We fabricate also steel structure for various objects like stadiums, halls, bridges etc. The fabrication is in the most cases based on documentation received from the client. The fabrication as the whole is concentrated into two main branches: the mechanical processing / machining/ and the fabrication of: weldments and steel structure.

We cooperate closely with selected companies on contractual basis and we are capable of bidding a  broad assortment of products.

open window with an enlarged photoOur advantage is a big flexibility. In case of need we can reach outside our capacities and enter into contact with other producers or manufacturers. We set much on logistics and commercial know-how using our experience from the field of the fabrication process and the commerce.A not neglectable advantage is that we are english and german speaking and writing and can understand us well also in some other languages. We know well the domestic market of Slovakia and we can consult you on your topics. This is very important since the situation changed definitely in the last years.

We represent a convenient and usefull partner for doing business in many areas of the machinery:

  1. Steelstructures
  2. Weldments
  3. Heavy workpieces
  4. Light and small workpieces
  5. Tools and assembly devices
  6. Component of cranes
  7. Plates cut to exact dimensions
open window with an enlarged photoWe secure the anticorrosion protection and the surface treatment according to the required standards. We perform quality controll and supply the customer with quality documentation according to the requirements. The transportation to the required destination is also a part of our service for the customer. For your orientation we attach some pictures representing our delivery capabilities. Our buyers are mostly in the western part of Europe.

Quality and delivery in time are our highest priorities.

For the time being we are having business with german, swiss and austrian companies. We are striving to expand to further countries and to address new partners. We prefer much longterm partnerships and a sustainable relation based on mutual advantage and contentment.

Informations and pictures shown here do represent our delivery capabilities but do not fully indicate our capacities.

In case we have raised your interest do not hesitate and contact us. We will be pleased to work out a quotation free of charge for you.