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Request for price bid

To be able to work with your inquiry and to elaborate a good offer without any obligations and charges for you we ask you kindly to give in your inquiry at least the following:

Type, Name and Drawing Nr. of the product:

Quality of material:

Number of pieces and the periodicity:

Tests, treatment of the surface, Quality of paints:

Date of fabrication and delivery:

Parity for delivery (EXW, FCA...):

Other requirements (material attests, quality documentation):

Name of the contact person, name of firm:

Complete adress:



List of complete documentation (drawings + piecelists):

The required date for the quotation is:

In case that the documentation can be transferred to us via mail or fax make please use of the related data shown at this WEB-Site.

In case that the volume or character of the documentation requires the use of postal service, make use of our postal address shown at this WEB-Site. We are much obliged for information about each postshipment via mail of fax.